Residential Home Automation In Aspen, CO

New Construction

Mackie Electronic Systems - Residential Home Automation, Aspen, CO

New construction affords us the opportunity to do a ground up design collaborating with you, your general contractor, architects and designers all at the planning stage. With proper planning and foresight we can implement designs, plan infrastructure wiring and layout for your residential home automation in Aspen, CO. Then, at the right times in the construction process, we can complete installation structure wiring and configure precise systems as specified. Future planning is also considered to accommodate additions and changes in the home’s flow and requirements.

Consultation and Design

Roaring Fork Meadows Electronic Systems Design

Discussing your audio/video, home automation, network, lighting, motorized shades, and security needs early on in your home’s design results in successful coordination between your architect, interior designer, builder, and all pertinent subcontractors. Timely coordination results in a smoother construction process and allows your home’s technology to blend seamlessly into the design aesthetics rather than looking like an unfortunate afterthought.


Media Room Rack Elevation Plan

Your architect will produce detailed floor plans in order to turn your idea into your home. Likewise, your home's technology needs to be designed and documented well in advance of actual construction. MES works alongside you and your architect to seamlessly integrate technology into your home.

Remodels & System Upgrades

Mackie Electronic Systems - Whole House Audio And Video, Aspen, CO

The technology in many Aspen homes is beyond outdated. Older TV’s take up huge amounts of space and old receivers lack connections required to connect to new equipment. Whether you are doing a full gut and remodel or simply looking to update outdated systems, call us for a free consultation and recommendations on replacing or upgrading components. This is an ideal way to make the house feel and function like new again and eliminate the frustrations of failing equipment.

Mackie Electronic Systems - Installation Structure Wiring, Aspen, CO

Support - Remote Resets

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Technology plays a vital role in our lives today… from watching movies to trading stocks to playing video games. Because you interact so frequently with the electronics in your home, failures can lead to huge frustrations. With this in mind every system installed by MES has remote reboot capabilities. If you can’t reset it yourself we can reboot it from anywhere. Our systems rarely fail, but when they do we can usually have them back up and working in minutes.

Remote Monitoring

Our award-winning, cloud-based, remote monitoring and management system, included in our annual service packages, allows us to detect, diagnose, and resolve common issues without having to bother you at your home! We learn before you do when a device has failed. It can be something as simple as a dead battery or a TV emitter that got bumped by a cleaning lady. If it fails we know about it and correct it before your arrival.

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Quality Service - Thumbs Up

Like a new car, home electronics require regular maintenance to keep systems at peak functionality. With regularly scheduled service we can minimize system interruptions and extend the life of your equipment. With our scheduled maintenance plans, in addition to remote monitoring, you can count on the continued enjoyment of your system every time you visit. Ask about our annual service packages that include prearrival systems checks and periodic preventative maintenance. There is nothing worse than arriving at your home only to find that the TV won’t turn on, the AppleTV won’t work, or the internet is down. Our service plans can virtually eliminate that hassle.